recycling 101: how to recycle more in less time

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What I’ll learn from this article: What can you do to step up your recycling and why it’s important to do it.


In modern society, recycling has become an important matter. The levels of waste became an environmental concern and we, as a society, have been doing our best to lower the level of waste and recycle as much as possible.

I know, I know, Now you might be thinking, ‘‘Ugh, another recycling awareness post? Recycling is known all around the world tell me something I didn’t know before’’

Well, did you know that Australia’s Recycling History started in 1815?
That’s right, more than 200 years ago, back when recycling wasn’t a priority but just a good idea. 

Now we are fearing that our home, the planet we live in, dies. 

Who would’ve thought that everything would end up like this?

– They did. The people that started recycling more than 200 years ago. Your grandparents should’ve listened to them!

But hey, you are here now. Maybe you actually had a green mind already or now you want to learn the best recycling techniques so you can redeem yourself.

Anyways, no matter who you are, everyone can recycle and we at NTRS are here for you.
Let’s not waste your time and get started!

5 tips to boost your recycling game

Whether you don’t have a clue on how to recycle or you already have a started to get into the recycling game and you are looking for some more tips & techniques to add to your strategy here are some of our best personal tips to help you out: 

Take some R&R… and R

Attention! This is not what you are thinking. Right now is not the moment to relax, you are barely getting started! 

R&R&R stands for the world known ‘‘reduce, reuse, recycle’’ and yes, this is not just some silly old phrase, this is world known for a reason. Before stepping up your recycling game you must be aware of what comes first. 

What to do before recycling, and to make it more obvious already we are talking about to reduce and reuse before recycling. Reducing the amount that we consume, and shifting our consumption to well-designed products and services, is the first step. 

Finding constructive uses for “waste” materials is next. If it’s broken, fix it don’t replace it! If you can return it to the producer we might end up taking care of it! We are already working tons of stores and businesses here in the NT and we offer our service and guidance for multiple kinds of eventsDon’t let your products become waste and if it’s a must let us have it and we’ll handle the recycling for you. 

Tossing it in the blue bin should be last! There’s a ton of people trying to recycle that doesn’t know about this and they’re known as wishcyclers. Be aware of exactly what you are doing, don’t hurt the earth while trying to save it… 

A good example of recycling is by using a water filter and reusable container, you can reduce or completely eliminate your need for disposable plastic bottles.

Be conscious of what you recycle

You might know by now that there are some things that can be recycled as well as things that can’t beDon’t throw them away in the recycle bin, they have the own procedure so that they can be taken care of efficiently. 

Read up on the Recycling Rules here in Darwin or give us a call if you have any doubts or might need some help with your waste. We can take care of and your waste management needs!

If you are a business owner that’s trying to become more environmentally aware, I encourage you to at least read some of the rules so you can properly identify what’s recycling and what’s not.

There’s real recycling, and there’s green-washed recycling and knowing the difference can help you avoid encouraging companies from ‘fake feel-good’ recycling. The kind of companies that ‘‘say they recycle’’ just to get some promotion exists all around the world, don’t let yours become one. 

Buy recycled

Do you know why the recycle logo looks like a never-ending cycle? Well, that was the idea from the beginning, didn’t think of that, did you? ‘‘re-cycle’’

Being honest, you actually might know about that before since it’s general knowledge but hey, there’s people that don’t know about it and it’s really helpful when explaining what exactly recycling is.

The essence of recycling revolves around the cyclical movement of materials through the system, eliminating waste and the need to extract more virgin materials. Supporting recycling means feeding this loop by not only recycling but also supporting recycled products. 

We can now find high recycled content in everything from printer paper to office chairs!

Spend less time and save more energy buying recycled products.

Recycle on the go

Recycle doesn’t only happen at your home, it’s everywhere! 

Whether you are at public parks, sports stadiums, stores, and beaches you can always seek out for the public recycling bins and throw your waste there. Littering will not bring any good to our planet and at the end, we’ll be the ones that end up facing the consequences of littering.

So, if you can’t find a bin the intelligent thing to do is to stash your recyclables in a plastic bag and bring them back to your home bin. 

Now, what can you do when you are not planning to return home?

You can always recycle while on road trips, the easy way to do it is by verifying that you only pack, or at least try to only pack, items that can be recycled.

A good trip is always followed by a good plan. Be aware of your own things and now what can you recycle and where.

Talking about doing things on the go, we are going to take this chance to tell you that it’s also important to let things go.

Lots of charities welcome your donations. Here in Australia, you can find organizations like NACRO, The National Association of Charitable Recycling Organisations, to help you get rid of useful objects that you just don’t want to make use of. 

Whether it’s clothes, toys, old furniture, boxes, there will be someone that might actually find a good use for it, instead of just throwing it away. You can check out NACRO’s website to know everything about their charities! Let’s help the world and improve our community.

Get ready to learn more

Our last and final tip for you today is to prepare yourself with knowledge.

You might have noticed that overall our tips are based in that there’s nothing better than a person aware of himself. If you are self-aware and take good care of yourself you are fit to take good care of the world! 

Join us and let us teach you the best ways you can help the world while letting us help you make your life easier! 

If you balance everything you learn today in your daily life you’ll be able to see a better and cleaner future.

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