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Waste And Recycling Streams

It is now more important than ever to recycle your waste instead of sending it to landfill. Not only are there environmental benefits to recycling but it will save you money.

With the costs of sending waste to landfill rapidly increasing, ntrs offers a wide range of services to facilitate the disposal and recycling of different waste materials.

Cardboard and Paper

ntrs recycles uncontaminated cardboard and paper. This includes pizza boxes! Ensure there is no food left in the pizza box and it can be recycled.

Paper and cardboard are compressed into 1-ton bales and transported to paper mills around Australia and overseas to be made into a variety of products such as paper, cardboard packing boxes, toilet paper and newspaper.

Waxed boxes, tissues and paper towels cannot be accepted.

Aluminimun Cans

All aluminium cans collected by ntrs are compressed into bales for transportation. Aluminium is a versatile material that is used in a variety of products like vehicles, building materials and of course aluminium cans.

By recycling your aluminium cans, you can save 95% of the total energy used to produce a new can from its raw material.

ntrs Recycling Facility at 19 Pruen Road Berrimah have a Drop N Go facility for all 10c container deposit scheme (CDS) products.


Recycling plastic is a highly discussed topic. Most plastics can be recycled but the bigger question is, is it economically feasible to recycle some types/grades of plastics.

It would be great to be able to recycle all plastics, but taking into consideration what resources and energy goes into recycling a particular type/grade of plastic sometimes it is just not feasible to recycle it.

Co-Mingled Recycling

ntrs provide co-mingle recycle collection bins.  Materials accepted with co-mingle recycling are aluminium cans, steel tins, plastic containers such as milk and soft drink containers, toiletry bottles, dishwashing liquid bottles, tetra packs (long life containers), dressing bottles, glass bottles and jars, paper and cardboard.

By having a co-mingle recycling bin, you are reducing your general waste collection costs and reducing what goes into landfill.


ntrs accepts E-Waste such as TV screens, printers, laptops and desktop computers, monitors and computer accessories such as mice and keyboards.

E-Waste is packed and transported where it is sorted and disassembled into the different materials, like steel, iron, copper, aluminium, plastics, and glass. Once the different materials are separated, they are recycled and used in a variety of products.

Medical Waste

ntrs provides clinical, medical, and related waste collection and treatment services for a range of sites including doctor’s surgeries, veterinary clinics, dental surgeries, laboratories, hospitals, and food processing plants.

We offer waste stream assessments, specialised bins which include puncture and tamper resistant bins and flexible collection times.

Hazardous Goods

ntrs is licenced to collect and store hazardous goods by The Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority (NTEPA).

Wastes collected include used mineral oil, hydrocarbon wastes, bulk liquids, ships bilge, oily waters, oily sludges and many other liquid and hazardous wastes.

We specialise in the processing and recycling of hydrocarbons, which are the building blocks of fuels, plastics and related materials.

Oil Waste & Oily Water

ntrs collects used oil, along with allied workshop services like parts washers, oily rags, filters and coolants, as well as other hydrocarbon wastes like oily water, oily sludge and grease.

We have a specialised collection fleet and facilities to turn used oil into a base oil by removing contaminates. Working in partnership with Southern Oil Refinery in Wagga Wagga and Northern Oil Refinery in Gladstone we can provide this used oil recycling services to reduce the need to burn oil as a disposal option.

Re-refining used oil removes all contaminants and worn additives to yield high quality base oil products, which are sold to manufacturers as the raw ingredient for production of new lubricating oil.  98% of the carbon associated with the original lube oil is preserved in this process making it the most greenhouse gas friendly process for used oil.

Grease Traps & Septic Waste

ntrs offers a complete range of grease trap, septic tank pumping and trade waste removal services. 

These services are carried out by our fleet of environmentally safe vacuum trucks at agreed times to minimise onsite disruptions.

Oil Filters

Approved by The Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority, ntrs collects and recycles used oil filters and fuel filters.

Oil is separated from the filters by compressing the filter under high pressure to extract the oil. The compressed steel is recycled, and the oil is captured for recycling as part of our oil waste recycling services.

We can supply 200L open top drums to store filters, pallet size containers for larger trucks, mining and earth moving machinery filters.

ntrs processes PET and HDPE plastics such as soft drink bottles, water bottles, milk bottles, juice bottles, detergent and washing liquid bottles, shampoo, conditioner and body wash bottles, uncontaminated plastic drums.

ntrs also recycles tetra packs which are the long-life cartons.

It is good practice to rinse containers and remove the lids before putting them in the recycle bins.

PET, PETE (Polyethylene Terephthalate)

HDPE (High-density Polyethylene)

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

LDPE (Low-density Polyethylene)

PP (Polypropylene)

PS (Polystyrene)

Other (Often polycarbonate or ABS)

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