NT Recycling Solutions

Secure Destruction

Eco-friendly document destruction and more.

When confidential information is no longer needed destruction should be eco-friendly and 100% reliable. Information assets come in many forms… client details, personnel records, proprietary information, patented material and in many other forms. ntrs provides secure and environmentally responsible destruction services.

Following the shredding process all paper material is recovered and recycled. All digital media is destroyed in an eco-friendly manner. Secure destruction services is a key part of strategically managing your information assets and critical business items.

Having decided that information requires destruction your organisation needs complete confidence that the process will be thorough and reliable. The ntrs secure destruction service system guarantees management of paper shredding, data erasure and destruction of unwanted physical material.  We have a comprehensive cradle to grave solution with your important sensitive documentation being fully handled by ntrs from collection until destruction and baling.

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