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ntrs are committed to the success of recycling in Dawin.

We want to share our knowledge with businesses, schools, and the community to promote awareness of the value and importance of recycling. That is why we have a specialised Community Engagement and Education Officer, a unique role within waste companies in Darwin.
This role is crucial for educating both children and the broader community on the proper methods of recycling and what role everyone plays in looking after our community.

Our school program is designed to engage school children and teachers in understanding how recycling works in Darwin. Providing insights into the processes of collecting, sorting, and baling recyclable products equips them with the necessary tools needed for the success of recycling in Darwin.

In our commitment to reaching every corner of the community, ntrs conducts community tours of the facilities and presentation to community groups. The tours serve to showcase our capabilities and highlights the challenges we encounter. It is great to see the process in action and how materials are sorted and baled ready for transportation.
Our Community presentations are a way for the public to gain insight into the working process of recycling in Darwin. These programs provide a platform for people to ask questions, share experiences and knowledge to help foster a more informed and engaged community.

If you would like further information please email our Community Engagement and Education officer,  Lisa Roberts lisa.roberts@ntrs.com.au or click the link below.

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An average of 165,000 tons of domestic waste per annum goes into landfill in the Shoal Bay Waste Management Facility.

Australians are among the highest producers of waste, per person, in the world.

Recyclable material makes up almost 80% of total household waste in Australia. So what can you do to play your part and join the revolution!

Paper recycling - fast facts

*all calculations are based on averages and estimations

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