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General Waste, Rubbish, Landfill

General Waste

As a result of requests from customers ntrs commenced a general waste service in early 2009.
While our goal is ALWAYS to reduce landfill, it is not possible to recycle all waste.
ntrs is committed to using technology and innovation to minimise general waste that is still destined for landfill.

ntrs offers a full range of waste services allowing you to have all of your waste streams dealt with by one provider.

We also offer all of our customers a free waste audit to show you how you can save money and time in having one comprehensive service.

To arrange for an audit or start a general Waste Service call 8984 1500 or send ntrs an email.

What can I put in my general waste bin?

Put these in the general waste bin

Don't put these in the general waste bin

Don’t put these in your general waste bin, take them to shoal Bay for disposal

Yellow lid bin or red lid bin? Let's get it right!

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